The First One

What that “first drink or first drug”” can do to your life. A true story that you should absolutely show your children, no matter how old they are and no matter how innocent you think they may be!!!! One out of 4 kids who try alcohol or drugs before the age of 18 “WILL” become an alcoholic and/or addict. Is it really worth turning a blind eye to? Is it really worth not talking to them about it? I know many parents who sadly have

Life’s Paths..

I have been on many paths in my life, some paths that I understood why I was on them but for the most part, most of them I had no clue as to why I was on them. Many I faltered to and fell astray to bad decisions, bad choices and as a result, developed many bad behaviors which in turn led to many of the life lessons that I have so eloquently discovered that guide me through life today…Some of them are below. I

Addiction: Disease or Not?

It Does Not Matter What you Call Addiction Today, there was a post from a reporter on a town page asking the residents of that town for their input on the drug epidemic that has, or is, starting to plague that town. Sadly, it became a shit show with insults being thrown around, negative name calling, and bantering back and forth about whether or not addiction is a disease or is it not a disease…. I want to tell you, the reader of this post, that

Never Let Your Past Hurt You Again

Want to read an absolute fact?? If so, keep reading!!!! In life, there are many things that can throw our lives and our thoughts off course and it is sad to say that most of them are caused by our very own thought process. For example, our very own mind at times not only will bombard us, but sabotage us as well, with things such as our past, old relationships, broken promises, things we didn’t do or accomplish that we should have, broken dreams, deaths,

What is Recovery?

What is recovery? To me, recovery is a true sense of freedom from the chains of not only drugs and/or alcohol, but the chains of fears, doubt, insecurities, anger, resentments, and bitterness. To those who are in recovery, I am sure you can agree with this assessment and for those who have not yet quite found their very own recovery, your miracle is right around the corner waiting for you so whatever you do, never give up on yourself!!!!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU AND IF

Break the Stigma

I heard of a woman who at a very young age, started to smoke cigarettes. Her daily habit was one pack a day and eventually escalated to two packs a day and despite surgeon general warnings that it may cause death, she kept smoking. Every day she woke up, she told herself that today is the day, today is the day she is going to quit, only to find herself smoking ten minutes later. She sought help to quit but sadly, she was now addicted

Thank you!!!!!!!!

I want to give a “HUGE” shout out and a “HUGE” thank you to Marybeth Snelders O’Donnell for stuffing, addressing, and sealing almost 1,000 envelopes for me that are being mailed to schools in New England in hopes of speaking to their student body about drugs and alcohol….This epidemic is out of control and needs to be stopped!!!!

Randolph Ma Coalition meeting

Are You Broken?

I once knew of a man, a broken man who once thought he was too far broken to put the pieces back together. Finally, after years of thinking he was a loser, a failure, and every other negative descriptive adjective, he mustered up the courage to dig deep inside the shallow canyons of his heart, and change the direction of his thoughts. Today, he has turned the direction of his thoughts and in turn, his life around because he finally found out that the way

One Person, 2 Mindsets. Which One Works For You?

One person, 2 mindsets….Which one is you? Which one do you feel is more conducive of living a happy and content life…. Sitting alone by the ocean, the waves crash down not only on the sand in front of me, but inside my head as well, beating it insidiously. Am I ok or is life just getting the best of me? Is my brain playing the insane tricks on me that it used to years ago, telling me that I am useless, that I am