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Guest on Abington Police Update: August 5, 2015

On August 5, 2015, I was honored to be a guest on Abington Police’s Cable show.

Heroin Overdosing in MA: News Interview

I was happy to be interviewed by NECN news the other day, about the unfortunate epidemic of heroin overdosing that is sweeping Massachusetts. Below is the video. As a former addict who is seven years clean, I’ve made it my purpose to help others. I do what I can each and every day via social media and personal interactions. The greatest joy I have, is not only living my life sober, but speaking to school-aged kids about my story. I’m always touched by that one kid

Never Give Up

I remember 6 years ago when my life was not my own and I was a slave to drugs and alcohol. I recall my first drink at age 10 and how I could not put it down for 28 years. Blinded by reality and inflicted with the disease of alcoholism, this disease took many things from me and sadly, brought me to almost take my own life. Becoming sober in 2006, I have learned so much not only about myself but I have learned how