Heroin Overdosing in MA: News Interview

I was happy to be interviewed by NECN┬ánews the other day, about the unfortunate epidemic of heroin overdosing that is sweeping Massachusetts. Below is the video. As a former addict who is seven years clean, I’ve made it my purpose to help others. I do what I can each and every day via social media and personal interactions. The greatest joy I have, is not only living my life sober, but speaking to school-aged kids about my story. I’m always touched by that one kid who comes up to me after with a hug and says, I touched their life because of either their addiction or those of a loved one. I’m convinced that addiction impacts every single American on some level.

“I’ve been there, I’ve been in the depths of hell with these people and luckily and graciously I made my way out,” he says. “All I can do is hope for them to find their way out.”

“Addiction can affect anybody including a president of a multi-billion dollar company all the way down to the guy who eats out of that dumpster, and everyone in between. It doesn’t discriminate,” Barnes says.

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