Life’s Paths..

I have been on many paths in my life, some paths that I understood why I was on them but for the most part, most of them I had no clue as to why I was on them. Many I faltered to and fell astray to bad decisions, bad choices and as a result, developed many bad behaviors which in turn led to many of the life lessons that I have so eloquently discovered that guide me through life today…Some of them are below.

I have learned that life is going to have challenges that will test my will to carry on and that if I do not “accept” that life will bring these challenges, sometimes back to back to back, then I will never gain the knowledge or “strength” to overcome, persevere, and move forward that they all will bring me. Every challenge has a lesson to learn and it is I who “MUST” search for that lesson and find it.

I have learned that life can hit me harder than a Mack truck and run me down faster than an Amtrak train but conversely, I have also learned that if I still have air in my healthy lungs and a small beat that pumps the blood to the heart of a lion that sits inside my chest, then I will have the ability to rise from defeat and win the war. I will never relinquish my will to fight, despite the size of my worldly opponent.

I have learned that no matter how lost I may get, no matter how dark my path may seem, no matter how lonely I may feel, or how long and windy that never ending path may seem, I will always have a spiritual connection to God who provides me with the faith I need to find my way. The light will eventually appear and my internal compass of life will direct me to where I need to go, both physically and spiritually!!!

I have learned that if I want to live a happy and content life, a life full of eye-opening blessings and wondrous new beginnings, I must forgive the people who once hurt me and who created scars on the internal walls of my heart, but more importantly, I must first learn to forgive myself for all of the pain I have caused not only the people that have always believed in me and loved me, but the pain I have caused my inner man of the soul…

I have learned that gratitude unlocks so many doorways to a better way of living. Once a selfish, self-centered man who took everything for granted, I have learned that gratitude will bring me more opportunities to things that I once overlooked because of the blinders I had on to them. Those “eye-opening blessings” and the “wondrous new beginnings” I spoke of a few seconds ago would never reveal themselves without a grateful heart.

I have learned that living in a “comfort-zone” is truly not living at all, but instead, it is just existing. I found that I lived in a comfort-zone for many years and within that comfort-zone, there are self-made prisons that shackled my ankles, handcuffed my wrists, and locked up my spirit and never allowed me to see possibilities that were always within reach, just outside that comfort-zone. Ya see, I was comfortable being comfortable and I have so graciously learned that if I want to live life to the full, if I want to experience the beautiful things that will move my life forward instead of hampering it, I must become comfortable with being uncomfortable!!!!!! Miracles happen outside the comfort-zone, not inside it!!!

I have learned that the paths I may have travelled in the past are just that, in the past. I can never go back and change yesterday, never mind the “yesteryears” but I do, however, remain steadfast in my beliefs that it was those specific paths that I not only clawed my way to the end of, but almost gave into those horrible suicidal thoughts, that became the sculptor and inventor of my life today.

Lastly, (and I am sure there are many more but I am getting tired of typing) (LOL), I have learned that life is the most precious, the most beautiful, the most wonderful thing we own and our lives are in all of our hands and though life may beat us down to the ground, kick us back down to the ground when we are almost back up, and kick us square in the teeth at times, I know that whatever pain I am currently in because of this beating I am taking, is truly temporary and the sun will eventually shine back down on me…..

Have a great night everyone and please always remember, your life is always in your hands!!!!!

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