About Rich Barnes

For most of my adult life, from the outside looking in, I was a hard working devoted husband and father living the perfect life in a suburb of MA. In 2006, my walls came crashing down and I was given a second chance on life. Addiction ruled my life for many years and with sobriety came much guilt, healing and clarity. My goal for my ongoing recovery is to live an exceptional life, full of happiness and prosperity, while helping those around me. Each day is a true blessing.

After years of addiction, my heart had become filled with doubt and fear, that eventually led me to isolating myself from the people who really cared about me: my family and closest friends. Addiction had created an image in my sick mind that I was okay and would continue to be okay... Read More about Rich Barnes...


The First One

What that “first drink or first drug”” can do to your life. A true story that you should absolutely show your children, no matter how old they are and no matter how innocent you think they may be!!!! One out of 4 kids who try alcohol or drugs before the age of 18 “WILL” become an alcoholic and/or addict. Is it really worth turning a blind eye to? Is it really worth not talking to them about it? I know many parents who sadly have

Life’s Paths..

I have been on many paths in my life, some paths that I understood why I was on them but for the most part, most of them I had no clue as to why I was on them. Many I faltered to and fell astray to bad decisions, bad choices and as a result, developed many bad behaviors which in turn led to many of the life lessons that I have so eloquently discovered that guide me through life today…Some of them are below. I

Testimonial: Fall River Young Marines

On behalf of the Fall River Young Marines, I wanted to thank you and your department for supporting the the Fall River Young Marines during 2017 Red Ribbon Week. Your Presence at our Community Event on October 29, 2017 made the event a success. Having the support of a strong committed person, such as yourself, supports our efforts of spreading awareness of drug abuse and addiction. By the means of your attendance and telling your story, you contributed to the Fall River Young Marines ability

Addiction: Disease or Not?

It Does Not Matter What you Call Addiction Today, there was a post from a reporter on a town page asking the residents of that town for their input on the drug epidemic that has, or is, starting to plague that town. Sadly, it became a shit show with insults being thrown around, negative name calling, and bantering back and forth about whether or not addiction is a disease or is it not a disease…. I want to tell you, the reader of this post, that

Testimonial: Plymouth South Middle School

In this very moving presentation, Rich Barnes shared his story of living as a functioning drug addict and the impact his lifestyle had on his family, friends, colleagues and employees. Far from the typical, “Just say no!” lecture, Rich’s message was one of taking responsibility, setting goals, making positive choices, and being accountable to yourself and those you love. His personable nature, straight-talk approach, and relatable story allowed Rich t easily connect with the audience. Throughout the presentation, it was very apparent how much Rich