Testimonial: Randolph High School

Yesterday, November 20, 2014, we had the wonderful opportunity of having Rich Barnes speak to our entire high school at one assembly. Mr. Barnes was excellent. You could hear a pin drop in the audience. The students were listening intently throughout the whole talk and at times even applauded him at certain points during his speech when he mentioned something that he did that was very courageous and positive regarding his difficult journey. Mr. Barnes was very real, honest and relatable to the students. He told his story with complete candor and truthfulness. He wanted to let the students know how he had wasted 28 years of his life because of his addiction to alcohol and drugs. He spoke about how his addiction negatively impacted his relationship with his wife, his daughter and others in his life. Rich Barnes tried to help the students see how he had once been […]


Testimonial: Whitman-Hanson Regional High School

On April 12, 2012, I had the opportunity to host Mr. Rich Barnes as a guest speaker for my grant-funded high school program for at-risk students as a family dinner for students, parents, and staff members.  Mr. Barnes shares his personal story about his lifelong struggle with drug and alcohol abuse.  As someone who has been clean for a number of years, Mr. Barnes is able to describe the effects his addiction had on his life, including in relationships with family and lost opportunities. Mr. Barnes effectively delivers his story in a straightforward and honest manner, drawing in the audience with emphasis on key points and utilizing a structure of repetition that helps commit the theme to memory.   He was well received, and in the entire time Mr. Barnes was speaking, students, staff and parents alike were thoughtfully listening – he was able to capture and hold the attention of […]