Testimonial: Old Colony Correctional Facility

March 27, 2014 Dear Mr. Barnes, I am writing to thank you for coming here to Old Colony Correctional Center and speaking to our inmates. From start to finish we found your visit to be very positive experience. Your prompt arrival and meeting all our security requirements aided the efficiency of our tight scheduling needs. We appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. Your speech was inspirational. We have received very positive feedback from inmates and staff alike. Our inmates felt that your honesty during the interactions following your story made the progressiona of your journey so much more accessible to them. The personable connection that your made your audience highlighted how they too can make it a happier place. They honestly do want to make that transition. We feel that the benefit of your experience will be a factor in helping them to attain that goal. We very much […]


Testimonial: George M. McNeil, Bridgewater State University

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter recommending Richard Barnes as an enlightening and inspirational speaking. His life stories surrounding his addiction to drugs and alcohol, and how he was able to overcome those personal failures are nothing short of amazing. Rich recently spoke in two of my classes at Bridgewater State University. Needless to say my students were riveted by his candidness and unbelievable stories. I believe Rich would be an ideal additiona to many educational curricula. his ability to get across a story of personal failure and then turn that failure around to teach others is uncanny and well worth it. George M. McNeil Visiting Lecturer Department of Criminal Justice Bridgewater State University