Testimonial: Galvin Middle School

Monday, Feb 10th, 2020

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter on behalf of our guest speaker, Mr. Richard Barnes. Richard visited our school last month to address a serious substance abuse crisis that continues to plague our youth while also sharing real work experiences. Richard discussed and shared personal pitfalls with over 300 students and members of staff. He supported many of us with the difficult task of having open discussion around the use of drugs and alcohol. Many of our students were enlightened by the important assembly and asked meaningful and insightful questions. Richard spoke candidly providing an honest perspective on choices and consequences as well as overcoming mistakes.

Unfortunately, young people make negative decisions through peer pressure and self- interest. We as a community were faced with the dreadful reality regarding substance being found, distributed and used on campus earlier in the school year. Since Richard’s public message, our school has taken initial steps towards encouraging students to make better choices. We hope to welcome Richard Barnes back to continue the positive message.


Karim Gibson
Dean of Students/Administration
William h. Galvin Middle School

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