Testimonial: Halifax Elementary School

On behalf of Halifax Elementary School’s sixth grade class of 2018, it is our pleasure to recommend Rich Barnes as a speaker on the topic of drug awareness and recovery. Rich gave an informative and moving presentation that captured the attention of all students.

Rich shared the story of is addiction and recovery from substance abuse. With his honest and inspirational outlook on life, Rich discussed both his mistakes and his positive outlook for the future. We feel that this first -hand account of the dangers of drug addiction will allow our students to be better prepared to make health choices in middle school and high school.

Rich’s openness, honesty, and approachability created and environment where our sixth grade students felt comfortable asking questions and sharing personal anecdotes of how drugs and alcohol have already made an impression upon their lives. Although the content of the presentation was intense, Rich was able to deliver an appropriate yet powerful account of his story. In addition, Rich offered continued contact and support to any students who may need a helping hand down the road. We truly believe Rich’s story will have a great impact on the future lives of our students. We look forward to inviting him back to our school for many years to come.


Christina Sarney




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