Testimonial: Xaverian Middle School

October 30, 2018

Dear Rich,

On behalf of our grade 8 students at Xaverian, I want to thank you for giving a heartfelt and captivating talk talk about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and why making good decisions matter so much in the lives of adolescents.

Your willingness to share your personal story combined with a powerful and candid question and answer session, really helped our student’ better understand the challenged of a recovering addict – one who is willing to share his personal story, to discuss the dangers of addiction, and to emphasize the importance of making positive decisions.

Thank you for being at Xaverian earlier this month to remind our students that while stress is inevitable in our lives, having friends and being involved in safe and positive activities really does make a difference.

I will gladly recommend you to other schools,


Jay McGilvray
Assistant Principal

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